Privacy Statement for the Intembeko ORCID Hub

Why we process Personal Information?

The Intembeko ORCID Hub is a web service that assists the research organisations you're associated with to authoritatively assert these relationships in your ORCID record. Whether you are a student or a member of staff, your relationship with your home organisation can be recorded in your ORCID record by the organisation involved. This benefits you as it proves that you have a bona fide affiliation with that organisation.

When you log in some basic information about you gets transferred from your home organisation to the Intembeko ORCID Hub. This includes your name, email address, and your affiliation (e.g. staff or student) to your home organisation. When you subsequently connect your ORCID iD to the Hub, your affiliation along with the name of your home organisation will be written to your ORCID record.

The Hub also allows your home organisation to read any information from your ORCID record that you have marked as visible to "everyone" or to "trusted parties". Your home organisation may use this information to pre-populate forms so that you do not have to retype the information in multiple places or to help automate processes. Your home organisation may also use your ORCID iD for reporting purposes as well as display your ORCID iD on e.g staff profile websites.

Your home organisation has a legitimate interest in processing this information, and TENET acts as an operator (data processor) on their behalf.

What information do we collect about you?

In order for the Hub to function in the way it was intended, we collect the following information obtained from your home organisation via a federated login process:

  • Given name(s)
  • Surname or family name
  • Email address
  • Your affiliation to your organisation (e.g student or staff)
  • Your home organisation’s personal identifier (username) for you

When you give the Intembeko ORCID Hub permission to read/write from your ORCID record, we collect the following information

  • Your ORCID iD
  • Employment, affiliation, works and grants listed in your ORCID record.

In collecting this information, the Hub follows ORCID Inc's privacy best practices for ORCID record holders. To familiarise yourself with these best practices please see ORCID Inc's privacy policy.

We also collect normal web server logs, i.e. timestamp of access, IP address which requested the page, the page being requested, the HTML result code, etc. The data collected is for the purpose of troubleshooting and debugging potential problems with the Intembeko ORCID Hub's web servers.

Personal Information retention

The Intembeko ORCID Hub may retain some or all of the information collected from your home organisation or from your ORCID record.

ORCID-related personal information collected by the Hub is retained for XXX, unless you decide to delete it by YYY.

Log files and other operational information may be retained for up-to six months. Analytical data for and anonymised statistics are currently retained permanently.

Note that connecting your ORCID iD to the Hub provides your home organisation with a long lived token (20 years) to allow them to update your ORCID record. However, you can revoke this permission at any time from within your ORCID account. If you do so, all ORCID record information that may have been retained by the Hub will be deleted the next time you log in.

Corrections and objections

You have the right to ensure the data we process is accurate. However, except in very limited circumstances, if there are errors in your personal information, you'd need to contact your home organisation's IT help desk and/or make those corrections in your ORCID record

If you have any objection to the way we process your personal information, you should cease use of the Intembeko ORCID Hub and contact us.

Other documents

Further details of the SA NREN's handling of personal information may be found in TENET's Privacy Policy and the CSIR's Privacy Notice.