Welcome to Intembeko, the South African ORCID hub

The Intembeko ORCID Hub will connect research staff and students with the organisations where they study, are employed, or that they receive funding from.

Staff and students can use the Hub to give permission to their institution(s) to access their ORCID records and, in return, South African ORCID Consortium members can use the Hub to assert these relationships in their staff, students’, and recipients' ORCID records.

If you are new to ORCID and would like to find out the benefits you can get from creating an ORCID record, you can read about the benefits for researchers.

For information about the South African ORCID Consortium see TENET's website.


For Researchers

The Intembeko ORCID Hub will help connect affilation to your ORCID profile. So there is one less thing to type.

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For Institutions

The Intembeko ORCID Hub will help you connect trusted affilation to your researchers' ORCID profile.

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